Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend Assignment #335: History

NOW CLOSED! Thanks for participating!

Hi, folks! I don't quite remember what my inspiration was for this one. I hope you like it:

Weekend Assignment #335: History

We don't all live near the site of a battlefield or other world-famous event, but any place has its own history: political, cultural, even natural history. How aware are you of the past of the town, city or state where you live now? Share with us a story of local history.

Extra Credit: Have you ever participated personally in an historic event? (This doesn't have to be anything earth-shattering.)

You know how to do this, right? There are the guidelines, as usual.

Here are the guidelines for participating:

**1. Please post your response no later than than 9:00 PM EDT on Wednesday, September 15th. You can do this either in a blog entry of your own or in the comments section of the assignment entry. No submissions will be accepted after that time.

2. Please mention the Weekend Assignment in your blog post, and include a link back to the original entry. Using one of the logos shown here is encouraged but not mandatory.

3. Please come back here after you've posted, and leave a link to your entry in the comments to the assignment. Please post the URL itself rather than a live link.

4. Visiting other participants' entries is strongly encouraged!

5. We're always looking for topic ideas. Please see the "Teacher's Lounge" page for details. If we use your idea, you will be credited as that week's "guest professor."

6. We reserve the right to remove rude or unpleasant comments (not to mention comment spam), and to leave entries off the linking list if the person has been rude or unpleasant, or fails to mention the Weekend Assignment in the entry.

Meanwhile, for last week's Weekend Assignment #334: What Are You Looking Forward To?, three us us told Carly what we're looking forward to. Please click on each person's name to see their full entry:

Anne said...

I am looking forward to lots of things, thank you very much. Let’s see:

1. September Apple picking with Alex. My brother and I have taken the nephew to Oriole Springs Orchard to pick apples every year.

Sandrine said...
Scroll back to last autumn. Max and I taking our weekly walk around campus, picking crab apples on our way. Then forward to December. The apples are scarce, but if I shake the trees, there's still a few that will drop to the floor....

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Last night I spent the evening pasting together every chapter of my unsold first novel, Heirs of Mâvarin, into one large document for the first time ever, reformatted it all in Courier New and started breaking my chapters into smaller size. This is all in preparation for one more revision and sending it out again, this time to a publisher that Sara G. told me about. I hate to look forward to that; I've been disappointed too many times to want to get my hopes up now.

Carly is taking a well-earned break from the three memes she's been hosting or co-hosting, although she may jump in as a participant from time to time. She'll be back at the beginning of January. I'll be holding down the fort on the Weekend Assignment and the The Round Robin Photo Challenges, so please help me keep things going while she's gone, okay? I've also started another Monday meme as a fill-in for Carly's Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot. You may be interested in this one. It's partly a writing prompt - a very short writing prompt! I call it:

Karen's Quest and Question

The first one is already posted, and it's about bunnies! Hop over and take a look!

I look forward to seeing your entries on both memes, plus the Round Robin if you're into photography. See you soon!



  1. My work here is done...

  2. My town really isn't that exciting:

  3. In my city, you can't throw a stone without accidentally hitting an historic marker. The whole city is a famous "battlefield".

  4. Here's mine!

  5. Don't fall down, but I managed to get one done in time. :)

  6. Here's mine at the last minute!