Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend Assignment # 356: Brrr!

This Week's Assignment is the obvious one:

Weekend Assignment # 356: Brrr!
In much of the U.S. and Europe, this winter has been an especially cold and snowy one. How cold has it been where you live? Have recent weather conditions led to any unusual situations locally?

Extra Credit: What extra measures have you personally taken, if any, to stay warm? 
Here are the guidelines in case you'd like to participate - and I hope you do!
1. Please post your response no later than than 12:01 AM on Thursday morning, February 10th, your local time. You can do this either in a blog entry of your own or in the comments section of the assignment entry. No submissions will be accepted after that time unless I want to.

2. Please mention the Weekend Assignment in your blog post, and include a link back to the original entry. Using one of the logos shown here is encouraged but not mandatory.

3. Please come back here after you've posted, and leave a link to your entry in the comments to the assignment. Don't forget, or I'll probably miss out on linking to you!

4. Visiting other participants' entries is strongly encouraged!

5. I'm always looking for topic ideas. Please see the "Teacher's Lounge" page for details. If I use your idea, you will be credited as that week's "guest professor." Help me out, folks, because sometimes I run dry when doing this week after week!

6. I reserve the right to remove rude or unpleasant comments (not to mention comment spam), and to leave entries off the linking list if the person has been rude or unpleasant, or fails to mention the Weekend Assignment in the entry.
For Weekend Assignment #355: Science!, I asked about your interest and competence in science. Considering the number of sf fans who have played along in the past, I'm a little surprised we got so few responses. Please click on each person's name to see the full entry:

Anne said...
By high school, I didn't do particularly well in science. I didn't particularly enjoy science. In history and in English, it didn't matter who the teacher was - I was interested. In science and math, only the best teachers could engage me. And even then, I was more interested in impressing the teacher than embracing the material

Karen said...
I struggled in Earth Science in junior high school, got 100 on my Biology final in tenth grade, dropped out of Chemistry after getting a D the first semester, and never took Physics at all, which I regret. I took astronomy and some sort of climatology in college and struggled with those, too. Nevertheless, I am a great fan of science.

That's it for now. Considering what dramatic weather we've had recently, I hope more of you will find time to write about this, even if your entry is a brief one. Have a weagreat week!



  1. I stayed in the office, my feet freezing, just to write something:

    And congrats on the job news.

  2. I am so sorry, I just cannot make myself talk about the weather anymore. But if anyone cares, here is a link to my post after the blizzard:

  3. I was distracted by my new job, but here's mine, a little late:


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