Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Weekend Assignment

Welcome! You've found the Weekend Assignment blog, the new home of the Weekend Assignment writing prompt. In case you're unfamiliar with the meme, here's a quick intro:

The Weekend Assignment is a weekly writing prompt, created to give bloggers something fun to write about over the weekend. Founded by John Scalzi in April 2004 for his AOL Journal By the Way, it was bequeathed to me, Karen Blocher, when Scalzi's contract with AOL ended in 2007. Since February, 2010, I've shared hosting duties for this meme with Carly of Ellipsis. Starting in April 2010, new Assignments will be posted on this dedicated blog so everyone can find them easily.

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The Weekend Assignment blog is now your one stop for all of the following:
  • Find out what the current Weekend Assignment is, in the same place every week.
  • Find out how to join in and play along.
  • Help us find and promote your Weekend Assignment entries by leaving your links, just as we do on the Round Robin Photo Challenges blog.
  • Find the latest posts by all Weekend Assignment participants (I like to call them "Weekenders,") right on the sidebar.
  • Explore past Weekend Assignments from earlier this year, from a handy list on the sidebar.
  • Post your own Weekend Assignment ideas, and be one of our "guest professors."
  • Download the Weekend Assignment graphic in a range of sizes, to use in your own blog.

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Here are the general guidelines for participating:
1. Please post your response no later than than the deadline day and time given in each week's original assignment entry. You can do this either in a blog entry of your own or in the comments section of the assignment entry.

2. Please mention the Weekend Assignment in your blog post, and include a link back to the original entry. Using one of the logos shown here is encouraged but not mandatory.

3. Please come back here after you've posted, and leave a link to your entry in the comments to the assignment. Please post the URL itself rather than a live link.

4. Visiting other participants' entries is strongly encouraged!

5. We're always looking for topic ideas. Please see the "Teacher's Lounge" page for details. If we use your idea, you will be credited as that week's "guest professor."

6. We reserve the right to remove rude or unpleasant comments (not to mention comment spam), and to leave entries off the linking list if the person has been rude or unpleasant, or fails to mention the Weekend Assignment in the entry.

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Those are the basics! Feel free to download the graphic, explore our standing "How to Play" and "Teacher's Lounge" pages, and check out the blogs of our Weekenders on the sidebar. Then check back here this Thursday for this blog's first new Assignment. Thanks for stopping by - we look forward to hearing from you!


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