Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekend Assignment #320:THE SCOTUS Choice

**NOTE: You are welcome to participate in this Weekend Assignment even if you don't live in the United States. Your opinion is always welcome, as long as it's respectful! :)

Weekend Assignment #318: The SCOTUS Choice NOW CLOSED!

Recently, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced that he will retire, at the end of his term, later this year, leaving the position open to be filled by President Obama. As you know, Obama has chosen Elena Kagen as his nominee. I would like to hear your thoughts about this. Good choice? Bad choice? Indifferent? Who would you like to see appointed to the high court? Are you happy with the justices currently serving, or do you believe they leave something to be desired? Tell me what you think!

Extra Credit: Write one paragraph about a supreme court decision you felt strongly about either positively or negatively.

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Last week, Karen asked us about our experiences with attending the theater in WA# 319: The Plays The Thing. Here are your thoughts on the subject...

"I have seen more Shakespeare on stage than any other genre. (Is Shakespeare a genre?) The most recent was As You Like It and before that was Othello."

"I don’t often go to see plays performed, actually. I did more often when I was in high school (especially for my drama class) and in college (because I could walk right to them)."

Hip Chick...
"I have not been to a play in quite some time. I have been to musical performances but not a musical play. I think the last time I went to one it was in Boston and it was something that Steve Martin had written about a woman in Germany."

Sad to say, I hardly ever get to any sort of live performance these days, aside from the occasional convention appearance by a writer or actor.

Well, not often – because it’s expensive – but Dear Wife and I do love to get out to see plays and musicals.

A little while back I made a pitch to Andrew Lloyd Webber for a musical (well, not really, I wrote a blog post about it, but you never know, maybe he read it).

See, I'm not a fan of plays, musicals, or operas. Especially operas. I know. I'm an uncultured jerk, but I'm okay with that. Actually, I'm sure there are some plays that I might enjoy if I gave them a chance. Maybe.

I love plays,sometimes. I grew up with not much in the way of arts education. My father’s idea of cultural education was the Mandrell Sisters variety show on NBC.



  1. Being Canadian, I am indifferent as to who gets appointed. Doesn't mean I do not have an opinion, it just means mine doesn't count.

    See you next week everyone! Happy trails!

  2. I'd started to leave a short comment, but it quickly grew to a screed. So here you go:

  3. Hi Freda :)

    Hon, you are welcome to join in if you want to. Your opinion is welcome here! :) Speak away!


  4. Here is my contribution to the conversation:

  5. @Freda: actually, none of our opinions matter - including the opinions of those of us who are USians. Sure, we get to elect our presidents and we get to vote on the senators who confirm or not, but our opinions, at best, matter only indirectly.

    I was hesitant to answer this one, because I try to avoid political topics on my blog (I've kept a separate, unvisited blog, for my political screeds). Even now, I'm nervous about putting it up here... But here it is:

  6. Here's my non-stereotypcial view on the matter:

  7. Here's mine: