Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekend Assignment #360: Toy Show

Every year about this time, John and I go to a local toy show, hunting for childhood treasures. That's the inspiration for this week's Weekend Assignment:

Weekend Assignment #360: Toy Show
Do you have any old toys or dolls from your childhood, either the originals or replacements purchased as an adult? If so, tell us about them.
Extra Credit: Is there a particular toy from your childhood that you especially remember as a favorite?

You know how this works, right?
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For Weekend Assignment #358: Career Day 2, I asked what new career you'd be interested in trying, if age, money, etc were no obstacles. Please click on each person's name to see the full entry:

Anne said...
I have often said that I want to be the lady at the spa that brings you your ice water with lemon. Because everyone is in a good mood at the spa. And even if they weren't, who the heck yells at the ice water lady?.

Kara said...

I have always made my family my career. There has never been a time, even as a girl when I really wanted to be anything other than a good mum and a good wife. I know, I know….seriously?! But, yes.

Trevor said...
Would I keep doing what I’m doing? As much as I enjoy some days, it’s not what I’d prefer to be doing. I can think of dozens of jobs I’d rather be doing. Or not doing ,in the case of my safe deposit job I used to have. If’ I’d been emotionally able to write then, I’d have finished a ten novel series by now.

Karen said...
When I took ten weeks of Business Law in the fall of 2003, I got all excited about it. I really loved learning about legal decisions and the reasoning behind them. Were it not for my age, money issues and the fact that I hate confrontations, I'd have switched to law school then and there.

Have a great week!



  1. Writing about my favourite childhood toy led to reminiscing with my parents about our 6 week voyage to migrate to Australia, and involved sifting through many photos.

  2. As usual, the lighthearted question turns into darker subject matter:

  3. Late again!


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