Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekend Assignment #362: Emergency!

A number of recent events in the news have reminded us that life isn't always safe and predictable. I don't want to trivialize those events for a Weekend Assignment, but I will ask a related question:

Weekend Assignment #362: Emergency!
How prepared are you for emergency situations? Do you know how to do CPR? Does your home or business have an evacuation plan or do fire drills? Do you have a generator, duct tape, candles, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, sandbags or other emergency supplies on hand? Why or why not?

Extra Credit: Does your smoke detector (if you have one) have fresh batteries in it?

You know how this works, right?
  • You have until next Wednesday night to answer this question in your blog or in the comments below. 
  • If you do participate, please leave a comment here with your name and the URL of your entry.
  • Don't forget to link back to here in the entry itself. 

That's all there is to it!

Last week, for Weekend Assignment #361: Give It Up!, I asked what, if anything, you've ever abstained from for Lent or some other spiritual purpose. Click on the names below to read the responses:

Anne wrote...
Back in the day, I gave up French Fries every year for Lent. It was a good one for me because it was something that I enjoyed enough to make it a sacrifice, but not such a deprivation that I was twitching two weeks in - like those people that give up caffeine. I considered it participating in a tradition that many of my friends and colleagues valued, and it was good for my health.

Karen wrote...
One year, I gave up playing Mahjong on the computer for Lent. It was one of the games on a Disney Mulan software package, and I'd become quite addicted. Giving it up cold turkey was a really good thing to do. Did it bring me closer to God? I'm not sure, but I certainly don't regret my choice that year.

There are also some fascinating and varied responses on beliefnet. Have a look!

Please do the Assignment this week if you get a chance - and stay safe!


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