Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Assignment #365: Tax Time

I've been working on my taxes all night. How about you?

Weekend Assignment #365: Tax Time
What is your strategy for doing your taxes? Do you get them done as soon as you can get hold of the paperwork, put them off to the last minute, or something in between? Do you hire someone, do the work yourself, get your spouse to do it, or share the load? Do you mail forms or e-file?

Extra Credit: Have you ever had to revisit a tax return after filing, due to an audit or other circumstances?

You know how this works, right?
  • You have until next Wednesday night to answer this question in your blog or in the comments below.
  • If you do participate, please leave a comment here with your name and the URL of your entry.
  • Don't forget to link back to here in the entry itself. 
That's all there is to it!

Last week, for Weekend Assignment #364: Ahead in the Clouds?, I asked about your use of "cloud" technology, in which data is stored online and streamed rather than stored on your computer. Please click on each name to read the full entry:

Angus Brooks said on Facebook...
scary stuff , really , it could be good , but i myself wouldnt put any thing private in the clouds , a mix of the 2 would be good
Anne said...
I have enjoyed streaming video from Academic Earth and from  But it is sort of like books.  There are things I borrow and things that I buy.  I still buy DVDs (though not nearly as many as in the past).  I still have a half-full DVR of things I am not watching.  I haven't tried Netflix yet because I don't want to add another monthly expense. 

Florinda said...
When it comes to entertainment content, I'm still relatively traditional (as defined by "tradition" of the last decade, anyway). In other respects, I have embraced "cloud computing." I've used Google Docs for years as my main writing space, just because it allows me to access my documents anywhere. A good chunk of my life lives on Google's clouds, actually - my e-mail, many of my photos, my blog; I will be in BIG trouble if they ever crash!

Karen said...
All in all, though, I'm not that much into using cloud-based streaming and storage in preference to having the file locally, or even a physical object. I don't buy many CDs, but I do buy every Doctor Who CD from composer Murray Gold more or less as soon as it's available in the U.S. A few of them I've bought twice, because I've been known to wear them out.Then I rip them to iTunes at work and at home

Have a great week, everyone!


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