Thursday, December 2, 2010

Weekend Assignment # 347: Car Crazy

The presence of extra traffic on the streets (at least near Best Buy) this time of year inspires this week's Assignment:

Weekend Assignment # 347: Car Crazy
Some people are car connoisseurs, able to discuss the finer points of 1960 Corvette engines, find or build replacement Model T parts, or argue the merits of the latest high-end Italian sports car. (Okay, maybe it's not the same person in each of these scenarios, but you get the idea.) Other people know a lot about their own beloved car and its automotive brethren, but not much about other cars. Still others are mostly just concerned whether their car still gets them to work and back safely. How about you? Do you pay attention to automotive trends, or quickly identify the unusual car sitting next to you at the light? What is the extent of your knowledge and interest in cars?

Extra Credit: If a long lost rich uncle insisted on buying you any car you wanted, as long as you promised to keep it and drive it around, what kind would you get?

Here are the guidelines if you'd like to participate.

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For Weekend Assignment #346: Holiday Shopper (yes, I've corrected a numbering error or two since posting), I asked you about your holiday shopping strategies. Please click on each person's name to see the full entry:

Julie said...

I prefer to shop in person, particularly for things that the recipient might want to exchange because it's the wrong size or color. Or, if I give a gadget that's DOA, they - or I - can exchange it at a store rather than go through the hassle of shipping. My main strategy is to shop during "off" times of the day.

Carly said...
Black Friday, which I believe is the "official" shopping start of the holiday season is a big deal in our house. We don't do much shopping that day, but we do people watch! We begin the day in Union Square, in San Francisco, and after enjoying a Mocha for Alan and a Hot Chocolate for me, we walk the square, then its down to Maiden Lane. It's gorgeous this time of year, from the decorations, to the wonderful street performers singing opera. It's a unique time to be in San Francisco, and something we don't miss, come rain or come shine.
Karen said...
It's not that I hate to shop, but I have limited patience with lines, and even more limited funds to spend. I'm not likely to get in line to buy anyone a new tv or computer at a deep discount. The only person I can afford to spend significant money on these days is my husband, and frankly we have a history of returning his "big present" to Best Buy (or wherever) immediately after Christmas or his birthday. We do this almost every year, it seems.
Anne said...
Besides rocking the gifts, I have another goal: to avoid setting foot in a shopping mall from Thanksgiving until New Years.  I do quite a bit online:  Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Toys R Us, Drs. Foster and Smith, FTD, these websites have all worked out nicely for me.  The deals can be found and I am not buying too many gift cards.  While I have never gone to Best Buy at 4am, I do believe I have lived the Black Friday experience enough times to know better. 

That's it for now. I realize it's a busy time of year, but please jump in with an entry if you can. Have a great week!



  1. Here is mine:

  2. I'm not the car-crazy one in my family:

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